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Yoella hails from Israel, living there until six, when her family relocated to Baltimore, MD. Yoella is a certified Thai Bodywork specialist, receiving her training in Thai Bodywork in January 2017 from the Movement Lab in Baltimore, MD. Her love for practicing Thai Bodywork techniques during and outside of class with friends, family, and clients motivated her to pursue this line of work professionally. Currently, she lives in Baltimore and works as a Thai Bodywork Specialist in the Dc/Maryland/Virginia area.

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Thai Bodywork
Thai bodywork is a traditional therapy technique born in Thailand. The art form was handed down verbally from generation to generation. As the practice evolved, it was influenced by China, India, and the West and has ties to Buddhism, yoga, and Chinese medicine. Thai bodywork incorporates acupressure, energy work, and yoga-like stretching. It is very different from other massage techniques in that the client remains clothed and lays on a mattress on the floor. People often say it is like having someone ' "do" yoga to you.' Thai bodywork is prescribed to increase range of motion, move fluids, and improve circulation. Sometimes it is done in combination with physical therapy. Studies have shown that Thai massage prevents bone degeneration, decreases stress, treats back pain, and promotes to psychological well-being.

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Thai Bodywork in the Park is a new offering starting October 2017! Join Yoella for pop-up outside meditation session at various parks in Baltimore City and to learn the benefits of Thai Bodywork. Contact Yoella if you are interested. The first few sessions will be subsidized!

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