With a few connections and some luck, i find myself at the Asheville Sanctuary, a haven of tranquility radically close to the lively, trending city. I live in a tent in the middle of the property with access to an outdoor kitchen, an indoor music room we call “the dragonfly room”, a luscious permaculture-based garden filled with medicinal plants such as ginseng, and I am accompanied by 4 other individuals who live here. Life is fabulous!

I spend my time practicing bodywork in gorgeous locations, building adobe structures, learning about the bio-diverse region, and playing a lot of music.


Bodywork in different locations in Asheville


(left) Japanese purple beans, bitter in taste better cooked, (right) caterpillar cocoon that looks like coconut flakes


(lelft) Working with amazing gracious host, Janelle! (right) Bounty from the gardens; figs, tomatoes, elderberries, lamb’s quarters, onions, yum!



My latest adobe project, a gorgeous archway!

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