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Yoella is a certified Thai Bodywork specialist, receiving her training in Thai Bodywork in January 2017 from the Movement Lab in Baltimore, MD. Her love for practicing Thai Bodywork techniques during and outside of class with friends, family, and clients motivated her to pursue this line of work professionally.

Yoella hails from Israel, living there until six, when her family relocated to Baltimore, MD.


After graduating high school, she moved back to Israel to participate in a leadership program and to serve in the Israeli Defense Force to teach fitness courses.

Farming has always been a passion for Yoella. Her uncle has been a farmer in the Arava desert for more than 50 years and has been an inspiration. She has worked on 4 organic farms so far and has been the sole vegetarian in her family for most of her life.

Currently, she lives in Baltimore and works as a Thai Bodywork Specialist in the Dc/Maryland/Virginia area.

In her spare time, she loves hiking, biking and engaging in other outdoor activities. In 2013, she spent 3.5 months trekking the Israel National Trail; a feat of 1,025 kilometers.

Yoella’s interests include Natural Building, Permaculture. In May 2017, she took part in a Natural Living School in California to learn natural building policy and techniques in America.